Album: Shrykull (2016)

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Song: Doubt & Discovery

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Leeds based metal band PLAGUESHIP have released their debut album "SHRYKULL" on 22nd September 2016. The
album was produced by SAM BUTTERFIELD (Bludger, Hieroglyph, Surya, Lost in the Abyss, Armed to the Teeth).
"Shrykull" can be downloaded completely free below.

Guitarist and lead composer John Richardson has this to say about "Shrykull":-

"Shrykull is about revenge and emancipation, and is loosely themed around this. The album's lyrics concern how
massively disillusioned with life society can make you, and how it fucks with your mental state. 'A Slave In All But
Name' and 'Worms Eye View,' describe life from the bottom of society looking up, how we are stood on by the elites,
and our need to fight back."

Combining heavy groovy thrash punctuated by gnarly stabs with the blackened rage of technical death metal,
Plagueship offer something new and exciting to the renewed Yorkshire metal scene. Influenced by Carcass and Gojira, the band also heavily draws on the technical prowess of Meshuggah and the uncontrollable frenzy of Dyscarnate, blending their influences into a unique soundscape of progressively technical groove, unorthodox structures and post-rock brooding.

Plagueship was initially formed as a bedroom project in November 2012 by Richardson. Plagueship released their first
demo "The Falling Fa├žade" via bandcamp August 2013. Richardson spent the next two years writing the material that
would become the band's debut album and recruiting a wide variety of seasoned musicians from the Leeds metal
scene. The band's lineup was completed in late 2015 with the additions of Jonathan Byrne (vocals), Adam Parkin
(bass), Alexis Giovoglanian (guitar), Stephen Wilkinson (drums). The band released their debut album "Shrykull"
produced by Sam Butterfield, on 22nd September 2016.
Plagueship plan to support "Shyrkull"'s release by making their live debut next month, dates available shortly from
their facebook page (

Plagueship is
Jonathan Byrne - Vocals
Adam Parkin - Bass
John Richardson - Guitar
Alexis Giovoglanian - Guitar
Stephen Wilkinson - Drums